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Deep tissue massage

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What is deep tissue massage, and what does it involve?

Loosening, deep tissue massage, trigger point massage, deep, transverse friction, etc.: all different kinds of massage techniques. At team Kirchhoff Fysio we specialise in these deep tissue massage techniques. All these techniques belong to the same category: ‘loosening up’. Loosening is part of our Kirchhoff Fysio-methode: loosen, lengthen and strengthen.

Deep tissue massage treatment

Loosening is a deep tissue massage technique for the muscles, muscle fascia and connective tissue, and we apply this to the entire body chain. We use deep transverse friction and trigger point massage. We apply transverse strokes to the muscles to improve blood circulation and healing using our elbows, fingers, and thumbs.

Improving circulation through deep tissue massaging

These techniques improve circulation and remove toxins. The muscle tissue relaxes, thus optimising the blood flow. Scar tissue is loosened more intensively using specific techniques. This can be in muscles, muscle fascia, scars, periosteum, tendons, and connective tissue.

By removing the toxins and optimising the blood flow, the muscle is able to perform its function properly again; after all, a muscle that is ‘stuck’ is not usable, and we advise against training with stiff muscles.

Kirchhoff Fysio method

At Kirchhoff Fysio, we use our unique Kirchhoff Fysio method to loosen the muscles in the area where the complaint is and also the entire area around it. We use this total approach because the area where the complaint is located is not always the area where it originated from. Often, the area around the complaint is painful due to (over)compensation.

If we cannot loosen trigger points properly by hand or elbow, we can also choose to apply Dry needling

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