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Medical taping

Eindelijk van je klachten af bij Kirchhoff Fysio


Medical taping technique

Medical taping, also called kinesiology taping, is coloured, elastic tape. It is a ventilating and skin-friendly tape that can remain in place for a long time. Medical taping is water-resistant – showering and swimming are no problem.

Medical taping: what is it?

Because the medical tape is elastic, it can easily be used during treatment. Some stretching occurs while the tape is being applied, which causes the tape to have a lifting effect on the upper layer of the skin. Due to the lifting effect, the tape reduces pressure, which can provide pain relief. Blood circulation and lymphatic drainage are also improved thanks to medical taping, allowing fluid and toxins to be discharged more effectively. Medical taping is a way to support the body’s self-healing ability.

A complete medical taping treatment plan

Medical taping can be used for various purposes: treating injuries, reducing inflammation, fluid or bruising, but also for posture correction. Taping can even be used to influence the nerves (neuro-reflective influence), for example, in treating hay fever.

Medical taping can be a part of our complete treatment plan via the Kirchhoff Fysio method. If we want to apply medical taping, we always do so in consultation with you. If you do not want to be treated with taping or are allergic, we can also leave the medical taping technique out of the treatment plan.