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The Kirchhoff Fysio method

Eindelijk van je klachten af bij Kirchhoff Fysio


What is the Kirchhoff Fysio Method?

We offer everyone a treatment plan according to the Kirchhoff Fysio method. This method consists of several parts: an extensive examination followed by ‘Loosen, Lengthen, Strengthen’. All our physiotherapists perform examinations and treatments using the same method, and they are trained and subsequently specialised in-house. The Kirchhoff Fysio method has been used successfully for more than 35 years. Kirchhoff Fysio is committed to providing a complete treatment plan: recovery from A to Z. We strive for 100% pain-free and 100% functional recovery.


Our research:

We don’t just look at the presented symptoms but remedy your complaints by first carrying out an extensive examination of the entire chain where the symptoms are located. In this process, we distinguish between the lower and upper chains. For example, if you experience discomfort in the lower back, pelvis, or legs, we will examine the joints of the lower back, pelvis, hips, knees, ankles, and toes. Thereby also examining the muscles, tendons, and ligaments in the same region. If you experience discomfort in the upper back, neck, and/or arms, we will examine the joints of the upper back, neck, shoulder girdle, elbow, wrist, and thumb. Sometimes, the cause of the pain is not located where the pain has manifested. We ensure that nothing is overlooked and that all complaints are resolved permanently by conducting an extensive examination.

If necessary, we also examine the blood vessels and nerves in that region. A personal treatment plan is then drawn up based on all these aspects, and this plan is mutually discussed and approved.

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After the Kirchhoff examination:

  • You will know the type of injury you have.
  • What the cause of the complaint is. We look at various factors to determine this (see complaint cycle above). The Complaint cycle is a tool we use to map out all the factors that could influence your complaints. We will advise you where necessary
  • How long recovery will take.
  • What activities you can and cannot do.
  • What the treatment plan will look like. We guide you in building up your optimal strength and condition level; to your 100%.


Deep tissue massage

Dry needling



Strain complaints

Post-operative physio

CANS: Shoulder/arm complaints

Neck complaints

Back complaints

Pediatric physiotherapy

Our treatment method:

The personal treatment plan is always based on the ‘Loosen, Lengthen, Strengthen’ method. This method is adapted to each injury and recovery period. The phases overlap each other, and together, they form a complete treatment plan for A to Z recovery.


During this phase, joints that do not move properly are mobilised with specific mobilisation techniques. If joints do not move properly, the surrounding muscles cannot function properly, and the muscle function can then not fully regain its strength. The loosening of scar or connective tissue is also included in this phase. The muscles of the entire chain are loosened using deep massage techniques. Muscles with adhesions or shortened muscles cannot be trained; they will not regain 100% strength or function.

The following treatment methods may be applied during this phase.

  • Loosening muscles and scar tissue through deep massage techniques
  • Specific mobilisation techniques on joints
  • Dry needling
  • (Medical)tape
  • Advice on your lifestyle during and after the treatment period (see complaint cycle)


The lengthening phase contains mobilisation and stretching exercises throughout the chain. We divide the chains into upper and lower body parts. By doing these exercises, you strengthen the effect of our treatments. The muscles that have been loosened up are kept loose and lengthened with the help of the stretching exercises. Furthermore, the goal is to create symmetry between your left and right side. This symmetry prevents compensating injuries and prepares the body for the ‘strengthen’ phase.


The final phase – strengthen – can be started as soon as symmetry in the muscles and joints has been achieved. This phase includes exercises to improve coordination, stability, condition and strength, as well as sports-related exercises. This will increase the strain capacity and prevent the complaints from recurring. We aim for completely pain-free and 100% function recovery!

We have professional facilities. All our practices are located in large multifunctional sports centres in 15 locations:

  • Almere: Markerkant, City centre and Literatuurwijk.
  • Amersfoort, City centre and North
  • Amsterdam, 3 x City centre, East and Zeeburg.
  • Baarn
  • Volendam; Kerkepad, Atlas, Dijklander Hospital and Dijkzicht Tennis Club

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