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Dry needling technique

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Dry needling technique

Dry needling is a technique in which we use a thin needle to pierce a ‘muscle knot’. We use dry needling as a supplement to our deep tissue massage treatment. Sometimes trigger points do not react quickly enough to our specially developed massage technique. Trigger points are ‘knots’ in the muscle that can cause localised pain and also referred pain. Piercing these knots with a thin needle allows the muscle to relax.

Dry needling: what is it?

Dry needling is a treatment technique with very thin, completely sterile needles. In principle, you do not feel the needling of the muscle itself. When the trigger point is touched, the muscle briefly tightens and then relaxes again. You feel a kind of ‘shock’ that is followed by relaxation. Sometimes the needling may first cause an aching feeling.

A complete dry needling treatment plan

Dry needling is part of our complete treatment plan through the Kirchhoff Fysio method. We always apply dry needling in combination with our deep tissue massage. This tells us where the trigger points are and what the effect is on your other muscles. When the muscles are relaxed, we can continue helping you through training. Training will ultimately resolve the complaint.

We always use dry needling in consultation with you. If you are afraid of needles, we can also leave dry needling out of the treatment plan.