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Therapist: Lonneke Cornelisz

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Lonneke Cornelisz

Hello, my name is Lonneke Cornelisz, and I am a true Amsterdammer. I graduated from Zuyd University of Applied Sciences and have been a physiotherapist for 25 years. I have worked as a physiotherapist at Kirchhoff Fysio in our Fit for Free branch on the Lijnbaansgracht in Amsterdam for 20 years now.

As a physiotherapist, you continue studying/training. I have worked as a physiotherapist for a long time now, so I have also continued my training and completed many courses and specialisations. However, I still prefer to follow our basic treatment philosophy: our holistic way of assessing a physical complaint and the literal touching of the patient and tissues that are affected. This hands-on approach distinguishes us from other colleagues in this sector and makes a difference for people who have been struggling with complaints for years.

With our ‘loosen’ (deep tissue massage and mobilisation techniques) and ‘lengthen’ (relaxing homework exercises) method, we create conditions to strengthen the body without compensating. That way, we prevent the recurrence of complaints. Our treatment method requires an active patient: we create the optimal conditions for recovery, but your recovery depends on your efforts. By working together, we can get the maximum out of your treatment course. As a former professional athlete, I know how important it is to have control over and confidence in your body and understand what you can and cannot expect from it.

  • Sport physiotherapy
  • Occupational physiotherapy
  • Cyriax physiotherapy
  • The Mulligan Concept
  • 4x T
  • Dry needling
  • Medical taping

I am available at our Fit for Free branch from Monday through Thursday. As managing director of Kirchhoff Fysio, I am also responsible for all the ins and outs of our incredible team. In that capacity, I can always be reached on +31 (0)6 250 42578 or

Call Lonneke Cornelisz directly: 06-25 042 578

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