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Therapist: Erik Kirchhoff

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Erik Kirchhoff

My name is Erik Kirchhoff, and I have been a physiotherapist for over 35 years. At school, I excelled as a physiotherapy student, but it soon became clear to me that in my work, much of what I had learnt from books was not applicable in practice.

I was lucky to have met two brilliant physiotherapy teachers:

  • Richard Smith ̶ the master of ‘loosen, lengthen and strengthen’ and how to organise a practice. I worked for him for six years.
  • Rens Reijsenbach ̶ examine and treat the whole chain and the 360-degree phenomenon: front, back, top and bottom. I had a partnership with him for six years.

My task was to translate what these masters invented into practice, train our physios in this method and create the best structure so that our professionals could do what they do best. I started Kirchhoff Fysio based on these experiences and expanded it further to be able to support more people with effective hands-on physiotherapy. At Kirchhoff Fysio, we aim for as close to 100% results as possible.

Our company has grown to 15 branches, mainly in large multifunctional sports centres, due to our quality in physiotherapy/rehabilitation, passion, drive, energy, further development of our treatment method, and more.

Door kwaliteit in fysiotherapie/revalidatie, passie, drive, energie, doorontwikkeling van onze methode van behandelen, etc is ons bedrijf gegroeid naar 15 vestigingen, voornamelijk in grote multifunctionele sportcentra.

We always state that our function in society is to help people move without physical complaints. The role of the gyms is to have people move and thus prevent complaints; this is a beautiful combination.

I have worked as a physiotherapist for years and honestly have never been bored or uninspired, not even a single day. Every client is unique; how many people can say that they get to help a unique person get rid of their complaints more than 25 times a day. At the end of the day, I might feel a bit tired physically, but I am always brimming with energy.

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