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Get rid of your complaints once and for all at Kirchhoff Fysio B.1 Amsterdam

No waiting lists, you don’t need a referral, and we are contracted with all health insurance companies.

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Have you been struggling with annoying back pain, headaches, or neck pain for ages? Do you have trouble sitting or standing for too long or feel you could do with a little less stiffness? Whichever complaint you might have, you are assured of the best guidance and personal attention at Kirchhoff Fysio Amsterdam to remedy your complaints.

Kirchhoff Fysio B.1 Amsterdam helps you get rid of your complaints!

From October 2022, a new Kirchhoff Fysio practice will open in the dynamic B.1 Amsterdam area. So, do you work or live near Nieuw Sloten Amsterdam, Amsterdam Nieuw-West, Amsterdam-Zuid or the Nieuwe Meer? Then you can easily visit our B.1 Amsterdam branch, without waiting!

B. Amsterdam. So are you working or living near Nieuw Sloten Amsterdam, Amsterdam Nieuw-West, Amsterdam-Zuid or the Nieuwe Meer? Then you can easily and quickly visit our B. Amsterdam branch!

What you can expect from Kirchhoff Fysio

Kirchhoff Fysio Amsterdam consists of a young and driven team of professional physiotherapists who can help you get rid of your annoying complaints. Whether you are looking for jaw physiotherapy, sports physiotherapy, or personalised therapy, we will create a personalised treatment plan from A to Z just for you.

Kirchhoff Fysio B.1 Amsterdam

At B.1 Amsterdam, located at Johan Huizingalaan 763a, our team is available daily for all types of physiotherapy: post-surgery physiotherapy, physiotherapy for a strain injury, or a sports massage or dry needling treatment. Together, we will look at the underlying cause of your complaint and start the treatment accordingly. For example, although you may be experiencing pain in your arm, it could be that we begin by treating your neck first.

Our unique Kirchhoff Fysio Method at B.1 Amsterdam

At Kirchhoff Fysio, we distinguish ourselves through our unique Kirchhoff Fysio Method, guaranteeing a complete and personalised treatment plan for A to Z recovery.

Have you been suffering from annoying complaints that just won’t go away? Are you restricted in your daily activities due to a persistent injury? Kirchhoff Fysio B.1 Amsterdam is the best place for your personalised physiotherapy treatment. You are always treated by an in-house trained physiotherapist with whom you feel at ease – because that is also vital for a good recovery.

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Johan Huizingalaan 763a 1066 VH Amsterdam


06-1054 9168

Maarten Peter direct number for:

06-10 54 91 68

Rico Hoevens direct bellen:

06-52 592 719

Kirchhoff Fysio B. Amsterdam is the place for excellent physiotherapy treatment!

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Extended opening hours; also open in the evening and on weekends.

Our team

Maarten Peter Horlings

Mijn naam is Maarten Peter Horlings, vanwege mijn lange dubbele naam word ik ook wel MP genoemd. Ik ben geboren en getogen in het kleine dorpje Renkum in Gelderland……

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Rico Hoevens

Mijn naam is Rico Hoevens en ik ben geboren in Purmerend. De opleiding Fysiotherapie heb ik met veel plezier afgerond aan de Hogeschool van Amsterdam….

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