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Are you looking for a physio in the heart of Amsterdam? Kirchhoff Fysio has as many as five different branches in Amsterdam, including Squash City Fysio. With more than 35 years of experience in (sports) injuries, rehabilitation and complex, long-term complaints, our team at Squash City Fysio is ready to help you get rid of your complaints.

Stop ignoring your complaints! The longer you wait, the longer it will take to recover. At Kirchhoff Fysio, we thoroughly examine your complaint, but more importantly: we examine the underlying cause of your complaint. We use our unique Kirchhoff Fysio method : to completely remedy your complaint.

Squash City Fysio

Kirchhoff Fysio offers quality physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Our company has grown to a total of 15 branches thanks to our passion, drive, energy and the continued development of our treatment method; 5 of these branches are located in Amsterdam. We work together with several large sports centres, including Squash City Fysio a multifunctional gym in Amsterdam for fitness, group exercise or squash.

Kirchhoff Squash City Fysio

Do you live in Amsterdam city centre and are you looking for a physio who can help you get rid of your complaints? Then Squash City Fysio might be the best choice!

Our Kirchhoff Fysio team at Squash City Fysio is ready to help you with muscle loosening, connective tissue massage, dry needling, medical taping and mobilisations through the Mulligan Manual Therapy Concept.

Squash City Fysio is part of Kirchhoff Fysio Amsterdam. At Kirchhoff Fysio, we distinguish ourselves through our unique Kirchhoff Fysio method ; guaranteeing a complete and personalised treatment plan with A to Z recovery.

So, are your back problems persistent, are you looking for physiotherapy after your operation, or are you looking for someone who can help you with your sports injury? Kirchhoff Squash City Fysio is the place to be for personalised physiotherapy treatment. You will always be treated by an in-house trained physiotherapist with whom you feel at ease – because that is also vital for a good recovery.

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Kirchhoff Fysio Squash City s the place for excellent physiotherapy treatment!

Experience what Kirchhoff Fysio can do for you! Don’t ignore your complaints, but ask for a free consultation without obligations. We will contact you within 1 working day.

Extended opening hours; also open in the evening and on weekends.

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